TINY Kalijira Aromatic Rice with Spice Pack (17.6OZ/ per bag)

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TINY Kalijira is the only rice product of its kind in the United States. We call it the “Best Rice in the World”

What it is, "a rare luxury rice grain that is cultivated exclusively in Northwestern Bangladesh". What makes it so incredible, is that "it is a short-grain rice but it is not a sticky rice".

TINY Kalijira has an “al dente” texture, and you can taste every grain in every bite. In sauces, oils, butters - “the grains will separate”. It is "light to eat", it doesn’t weigh you down like other starchy/sticky rice grains. It is an aromatic rice, with a "rich nutty aroma" it pairs perfectly with authentic Southeast Asian whole spices: Bay Leave, Cardamon, Cinnamon, and Clove, which are provided separately in every 17.6oz bag.

The Kalijira grain cooks quickly, in 10 minutes and is the perfect pantry staple for a foodie. With the aromatic nature of basmati and jasmine and the texture of quinoa, rice eaters will find their new favorite rice grain with TINY. For many who haven’t considered rice a staple to their diet, they will be pleasantly surprised when they discover TINY Kalijira and its unique benefits.

Cook hundreds of recipes using TINY Kalijira, or create your own inspiring dishes from scratch. Enjoy as a side, entrée, and dessert. TINY Kalijira is the most versatile rice and never tasted better lightly seasoned, as stir-fry, with curries, in rice puddings, as risotto, pilaf, and more!