• Tiny Kalijira rice
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Bangladesh's Best Kept Secret

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Taste the Difference

Rice has always been a staple food that provides healthy nourishment, but for many, it is a rather bland experience. It’s time for an upgrade. TINY Kalijira is effortlessly delicious: its distinctive light texture and bold nutty aroma instantly transform ordinary dishes into gourmet meals. And preparation is a snap: a splash of oil or butter, a pinch of salt and spices, and less than ten minutes of simmering creates an exceptional plate of rice that enhances any meal.

Upgrade Your Everyday Rice Experience


Versatile – Cook hundreds of recipes using TINY Kalijira, or create your own inspiring dishes from scratch.

Enjoy as a side, entrée, and dessert. TINY excels in everything: it tastes great by itself and in stir-fries, curries, rice puddings, risotti, pilofs, and more!

"Best Rice Ever"

If you are like me, and thought that the taste of rice was a so-so culinary experience, you should try the Kalijira Tiny Rice. Prepared as per directions on the package, the rice yields a delightful taste sensation I've never before encountered. While the whole spices included with the rice certainly contribute to the tasty, aromatic delight, its the rice itself that impresses me. You can taste each individual grain, with its subtle nuttiness and satisfying texture. I highly recommend this rice. I purchased two bags for myself and gifted two bags to my daughter for Mother's Day. It is a rice for special occasions, and will "WOW" your guests. It also makes a wonderful gift for the discerning cook.

-Barbara Fulton

"Might be the best rice I've ever had"

I have a friend who bought this rice at a farmer's market and was raving about it for weeks. I'm normally pretty skeptical but I decided to give it a shot. I'm SO glad I did. This might be my favorite rice I've ever had, I can't recommend it highly enough. Do yourself a favor and try this rice, you won't be disappointed

"Tiny Kalijira is so worth it -- the only rice I crave"

Tiny Kalijira is truly one of the first products I’ve ever felt compelled to write a review for on Amazon. If you’re looking for a much tastier rice to enhance your dishes, you should really use Tiny Kalijira. And honestly, if you had previously been overlooking the quality of the rice you use, you should reconsider ever buying something like boil-in-a-bag rice ever again in favor of an aromatic rice like Tiny Kalijira. Our house craves making chicken stir fry with kalijira all the time now—a dish of which used to just be something easy to make before, but was never craved.

-Carl Baker

"Delicious, flavorful premium rice"

TINY Kalijira is a tender aromatic rice that comes with a package of spices that you can use to add additional flavors. I've used it in a variety of dishes where I would have previously used Basmati, and think the texture and overall quality of TINY Kalijira is superior. The seller shipped promptly and the packaging is excellent. You will enjoy this rice!